ExpoChirpToolbox is an impulse response (IR) measurement tool chain in Pure Data, available for Windows, OSX and Linux. It implements the Exponential Sine Sweep method which has been so succesfully advocated by Angelo Farina. The toolbox is in developement, and has functionality for the generation of test signals, recording test responses, IR editing and basic IR analysis. The edited IR can be applied as a convolution filter in the toolbox. This page shows screenshots, and the tool can be downloaded from the page bottom.

A paper presentation of ExpoChirpToolbox at Pure Data Convention 2011 can be found here. The project is also presented at the Conference of Reproduced Sound, Brighton 2011.

Download ExpoChirpToolbox for Pd-extended 0.42.5. Contains patches, source code and binary builds of [expochirp~] for Linux, OSX and Windows.

ExpoChirpToolbox.zip, 80 KB