IDec audio examples

This page presents a (very limited) impression of what Instant Decomposer can do with simple input sounds. Admittedly, I selected the better results from a first series of experiments. More material will be added later. 

kikkers.mp3, 02:30. This piece was generated from a few gabguba-strokes. Gabguba is a small drum with a string through the middle of the skin.

dogfoodandbeer.mp3, 3:02. Exerpt from an Instant Decomposer session at the place of friends. They played the food bowls of their seven dogs and five cats, and let Belgian beer glasses sing. After the session, the seven dogs suddenly engaged in a frenzied fight, for unknown reason.

borg10.mp3, 01:36. Played with voice and a stainless steel kitchen bowl.