PersonaTrix for Pure Data

PersonaTrix is an effects processor, providing sonic tricks to create imaginary characters. Note that this project is in early development and may present issues on your platform. Functionality and user interface may change.

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PersonaTrix needs Pure Data ("vanilla Pd") >= 0.48. You can download Pd from the site of author Miller Puckette or (on Linux) install Pd from repository.

PersonaTrix also needs an external library: zexy. This can be installed via Pd (menu > Help > Find externals), or on Linux from repository (pd-zexy).

how to use PersonaTrix

Connect an external mic to your computer for close miking. Open file PersonaTrix.pd in Pd from the menu or by (double)clicking. Select presets with different voice effects through digits 0 till 9.

PersonaTrix currently has three banks of presets, accessible through the three buttons next to "num" on top of the interface. The other operator buttons are reserved for future development, but when selected they will reflect copies of the three voice banks.

To modify presets, click button "params" and use the sliders in the popup. Click "save" if you want to store your modifications in the preset files on disk. This will overwrite the original settings. No undo! A backup copy of original settings is stored as folder PersonaTrix/abstractions/presets-original.

Numeric keypad is a convenient controller for PersonaTrix, otherwise use qwerty keyboard or mouse. Numeric keypads come with various layouts. Button "keymap" gives a popup to select between conventional mappings for operator keys plus alternative mappings to qwerty keys in the absence of numkeypad. Note that key events are only received by the active program, in this case Pd. When focus is on another program, key presses will not have an effect for PersonaTrix.

known issues

Not so much an issue of PersonaTrix itself, but a nuisance nonetheless: MacOS is incompatible with most external numeric keypads.


The .zip file includes Pd patches and externals in source and binary form. Currently compiled for Linux Intel, Linux ARM, MacOs and Windows (each in 32 and 64 bit). (1.9 MB)